Funding for this project has largely depended on community support. Part of the reason for that is a want to have the community not only involved, but invested in the project; to make it not only my project, but also theirs.

We are also working on opening an online shop, which will allow those who want to support the project a different way to do such.


The minimum funding goal for this project is $5,000. With the project set up as being ongoing, extra funding will eventually be needed to help keep up with expenses that will be incurred.

Funding for this project will go to a few areas:

• Archiving the results. The main expense will be the purchase and development of film,  printing costs, and filing and organization costs.

 • Publishing the results. While the results will be published in the Midwestern Scout, a cost that is not factored into this funding, the results will also be compiled online. This will include setting up a website (which is in the process) reserved specifically for this  project. Costs will include web hosting, and domain registration. Costs for publishing the  final book are also factored in here.

 • Research. As with any project of this nature, a systematic historical review, there will be  a need for research to be conducted. Currently, I have complied over three years worth   of material on the history of Bismarck and Mandan, but there will need to be additional   research done as well. The largest costs will be securing a few books on various sub-  jects that relate to Bismarck’ Mandan’s history, as well as printed material from organiza-  tions such as the N.D. State Archives.



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