The Balkowitsch Edition

In order to cover certain individuals more in depth, we will be putting together various special edition issues that look at the life of people who have made a great impact on the area.

We are beginning this series with Shane Balkowitsch.

Taking a century old photography process, Balkowitsch has found a way to not only keep history alive, but also record history himself. An artist who never considered himself a photographer, Balkowitsch has captured thousands of individuals in silver on glass, ranging from people he happens to meet, to individuals such as Olympic Medalists, and the great grandson of Sitting Bull.

This issue explores the photographic process that Balkowitsch has found a passion for, wet plate photographer who have inspired Balkowitsch, such as Orlando Goff, as well as the work of Balkowitsch, both his major projects, and some minor ones.

In this issue, I will tell the story of how separated by a century, Balkowitsch has been able to walk where Orlando Goff did, and even set up his tripod in the same spot, and in doing so, has helped preserve the history of North Dakota.

This is a limited edition issue, and also helps serve as a fundraiser, as we work towards a few larger goals, such as creating a local space that is dedicated to area history.

Release Date: 1st Week in September

Shane Balkowitsch carefully secures a plate from his Murderer's Gulch shoot in 2016. Working with local artists and individuals, the historic photo shoot added a wonderful piece of history to the area.

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