Restoring the Past


Part of the mission of this project is to help preserve history. While a portion of that focuses around providing historical articles, and delving into the stories that often remain hidden; another facet of that focus is preserving the raw information that has been created.

Sitting in boxes in basements, or stored away in attics, thousands of film negatives, photos, and even undeveloped film sit. Contained within those collections is a vast wealth of history that is slowly fading away.

Looking to help preserve that history before it is lost, we are embarking on a new project. This project’s goal is to archive those negatives and photos, as well as develop that film, in order to shed light on the past. Going a step further, our goal is not only to archive, but also uncover the history behind those images.


What we are looking for are individuals who have old photos they want to see restored, or those who have exposed film sitting in a drawer that they want developed.

Photos, negatives, film and donations to help move this project forward can be sent via mail to:
Dustin White
P.O. Box 217
Mandan, N.D. 58554


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